Holiday Memories in 2016
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 

Because we are alone this 2016 XMAS I grew nostalgic while looking at hundreds of old photographs
This week I feature an assortment of Christmas season picks

Below is our three-tree assortment of our latest version of Christmas trees




Before moving to New Hampshire we always had ample space in larger houses to keep our Christmas trees up all year
We usually changed a tree each year and then kept that tree up all year
This is Marshall and Lisl as youngsters when I was on the faculty at the University of Maine


We generally had a lot of snow in Maine for a very white Chirstmas
Marshall in particular loved to play in the snow and generally stayed outside so long he wet his pants


This is an earlier picture of Lisl when I was still on the faculty at Michigan State University


And this was her dog Andy in Michigan
Andy was our last dog
Keeping wet and muddy dogs in snow country is just too troublesome
I had to shoot Andy after he was very badly hurt --- run over by a county snow plow (we lived on a farm in Michigan)
Basset hounds are cute, but they have an IQ of one


This is not a Christmas season picture, but I posted it here because I thought you might like to see a pair of handsome legs


This was Christmas season during one of my think tank years (1972) on the Stanford University campus
We lived in faculty housing and I walked to my office by way of a cow pasture with non-festive live oak trees


This was a holiday sing along years later at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas
I was on the faculty at Trinity for 24 years
My colleagues at Trinity may want to see who they recognize in the picture below


My parents lived their entire lives in Iowa
But when we were in Texas they generally visited for the holiday season
They then wintered for a couple of months in Donna, Texas
This is Lisl and me on the dangerous side of my dad as he picked up a tree ornament
Lisl graduated from MacArthur High School and the University of Texas at Austin in biology.



One year Erika made herself a Christmas present
She crocheted all the pieces of this king sized bedspread and sewed them togeter
But the bedspread is so heavy that its a back breaker to make the bed
Give me a down comforter that I can lift with one finger any day


Erika was sometimes called out to the nearby Northeast Baptist Hospital to assist surgeons on Christmas Day


Erika is not tiny, but she looks tiny next to big son David before he graduated from MacArther High School in San Antonio
He later graduated in business at Chapman University while living in California


In 1989 Erika accompanied me to meetings in Holland




After I retired and moved to New Hampshire my former secretary, Debbie Bowling, sent us an Amaryllis XMAS gift



Erika has Christmas cactus plants all over the cottage
This is our bedroom window box facing Vermont




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