Set 3 of My All Time Favorite Photographs
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 


Among the thousands of photographs that I've taken over the years I have some all time favorites.
This is Set 3 of my all time favorites. They're not in rank order.
The picture below was taken on the Iris Farm down the road when it had Scottish cattle.





I was standing by our mail box when I took the picture below


Snow-covered Mt. Lafayette and Mt. Lincoln


A a zoomed picture of Mt. Washington that I took while sitting at my desk
This mountain is 28 miles away as a crow might fly




Mt. Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods


Historic and still operating cog railroad steam engine pushing to the top of Mt. Washington
One steam engine goes to the top in the morning and the rest of the day diesel engines are used


Mt. View Grand Hotel that looks out on Mt. Washington


The world famous Jensen Cottage in Sugar Hill



The west side of our acreage borders on a gold course that fortunately can never be developed into anything else



A birch grove separating our lawn from our wildflower field


Lupine surrounding maple tree in our wild flower field


Every year in June Sugar Hill has a lupine festival



This is Erika watering our wildflower field after I seeded it with a $600 bag of wildflower seeds from Agway


This daisy grew from one of those Agway seeds


This is the moon as seen from my desk in a late summer evening



Our wild rose hedge in front with the mountains shrouded in clouds




My photographer friend Wes Lavin took this picture of one of our wild rose blooms


In Winter 2015 Boston looked like where we live in the mountains



Our neighbors took this picture of a gentle moose that shopped at our yard sale


In Summer 2015 a bear took down our hummingbird feeder while we watched nearby.
This bear was less shy than most black bears and came by the next day as well.


A summertime ride on the tram up to the Rim Trail on Cannon Mountain
The bar at the top makes the ride worth the effort


Son Marshall on the Rim Trail on Cannon Mountain


Echo Lake as seen from the top of Cannon Mountain
On the right of the lake is I-93 at the north end of Franconia Notch in the Kinsman Range
If needed Echo lake supplies tens of millions of gallons of water to make snow on Cannon's ski trails
This would probably not be allowed in California


This is a zoomed shot I took from my desk showing snow making on the Cannon ski trail closest to our cottage


This is part of the Flume in Franconia Notch State Park
The hundreds of stair steps in the Flume are well worth the effort




I end this photo set with my favorite among all the photographs taken from inside our cottage



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