Bob Jensen's Fox Puppies and Wes Lavin's 2019 Peacham Parade Pictures
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 

I love the photographs of Wes Lavin
He photographs scenery and festivals
This week I sampled his July 4 pictures of a parade in Peacham, Vermont

Peacham is a small village (slightly over 700 residents) surrounded scenic farms
In 2019, after having lunch with me, Wes Lavin ventured up to Peacham for the parade


Before I show you some of Wes's Peacham photographs
Let me tell you about the baby foxes that live under my studio with their mom
One thing to note is that the foxes seem to live compatibly with a fat old woodchuck that lived under my studio for years

Previously I've shown you pictures of a little red fox sniffing mole tunnels in our front lawn


The above red fox may be the mate of the gray fox that lives under my studio (at least goes under the studio now and then)
What's been exciting this summer is that her three puppies also go under that studio
A neighbor has also seen the puppies go under the golf shack next to my barn
In any case the gray fox and her puppies appear daily by my studio
It would be tempting to feed them, but I think this is against the law
I can understand why it would be unfair to make them dependent upon me for food
They should learn to hunt in the wild
I don't know what foxes eat up here, but I suspect their diet includes moles, mice, and wild turkeys
For wild turkeys they have to compete with the bobcats and Fisher cats
But there's no shortage of turkeys

This is my studio that I don't use much since moving my office into the cottage
The well hides the top of our buried propane tank


This is the adult gray fox (picture taken through a window)


This is a shot of her three fox puppies playing joyfully like puppies play together
When there's a clap of thunder they scamper under the studio


Below is the is the fat old woodchuck that's lived under my studio for years
She's very shy, but she has a larger mate that lives further out under my barn
I've never seen what baby woodchucks look like



Below is historic and tiny Peacham, Vermont. I've never been there
My photographer friend Wes Lavin goes there at least one each year,_Vermont

















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Wes forwarded these links

“For the Love of Peacham, VT” is the name of a Facebook page.


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