Set 1 of Pictures from Paula Who's Now Retired in Roanoke, Virginia

Bob Jensen at Trinity University

Paula Ward at one time worked in the PR department at Trinity University
Now she and her scientist husband are retired in Roanoke Virginia near where she grew up


In July Paula wrote the following:

For some reason, I didn't notice, until I looked at your special photograph file of favorite mountain pictures, that your home is so high up that you can look down on the clouds!!!  Wow! ---   
Since you like mountains with "sharp tops," I'm attaching a couple of pictures of Sharp Top Mountain in the Peaks of Otter, on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.  My cousin, Elmon Kelley, took the winter-time picture.
The cabin at the top of Sharp Top is the goal for hikes to the top, to see the view.  My Girl Scout troop hiked up there - back in the 1950s.  That was my first hike up Sharp Top.
Another interesting note about the cabin: 

In the winter of 1945, my parents lived in that cabin, when Daddy worked for the National Park Service as a Forest Ranger.  Mother was not fond of the place.  Not only was it very cold, but wild animals inhabited the forests.  Daddy went hunting and brought back a deer which he hung in a tree near the cabin.  That night, they heard some noises outside.  When they looked out, they saw a mountain lion dragging the deer carcass away. 


Our family used to go for Sunday drives which sometimes led us to the Skyline Parkway, which is part of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  On two memorable drives, with Sharp Top in sight, we saw 1) a herd of elk (I'm pretty sure they were introduced to the area), and 2) a wild turkey with 50? babies following in a single line - we had to stop the car to let them cross the road.  Wish I had a camera with me that day.


Sharp Top:  A Real Mountain with three seasons on one hike

In December 2018 she sent me some additional photographs that are shown below.





















Thank you Paula



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