My Favorite Horses Photographs (including North Haverhill Plowing Contest)
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 

This week I feature both some of my own horse photographs plus some photographs taken by my friend Wes Lavin
Wes is a better photographer than me who enjoys photographing flowers and festivals
I requested that Wes send me some horse pictures
He obliged by attending the a recent nearby North Haverhill Plowing Contest


North Haverhill ---,_New_Hampshire

Thank you West Lavin












Next I will show some of my horse and llama pictures from my archives

My cousin Don and his wife LaDonna raised horses most of their lives
They also had a menagerie of other animals on their north Iowa farm

This is LaDnna, Don, and my daughter Lisl


Among the draft horse alternatives Don always preferred the French Percheron



This is a pair of the many barn cats on Don's farm



These days I'm camera shy in my old age
But I do like to show pictures from my youth
This is a picture from about 1960 when I was a college student in Colorado
I used to take my dates up for trail rides on the Singing River Ranch years before it became a housing development




Here's part of a May 29, 2019 message from Wes:

I saw the link to the Granite State Draft Horse & Pony Association.  If you look at the page there is a link to some pictures another person took.  He did a real good job.  We chatted about photography for a good part of the morning.


I hope this link will take you to his photos.


N Haverhill Plowing - David Pushee


Grafton County Farm Photographs of the Plowing Contest (pictures not taken by Wes) ---;Lez~;2JVTUOuCMjD0cwym~_lIaU376ApHfAWvK9isoPoXprInJKWvw~_0nRMh1HFFtH2WHyjrK6NAVRtkR~_4okHYEOginAjKVeiDiF~_UW6hqRA74deQGeHoMPZEYKOh75rI~_~;aadlIHQpAL6J3QggKvVvsRQYCSQf3OCSdguPdNHEPOk5vpJNbDFv4L4JveGsVB5rh3yKijFjgK58D8~_OV4qb~_SB2k~;gWSd3gn.bps.a.1556228631173843&type=1&__tn__=HH-R

Some of my previous horse pictures

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About My Grandfather Dourte with a link to  Hierogliphe's ancestry
A short story about my grandfather Christian Granville Dourte  



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