Set 1 of Wes Lavin's 2019 Foliage Pictures
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 

I love the photographs of Wes Lavin

My friend Wes Lavin is a better photographer than me.
Firstly, he has better equipment than me.
Secondly he travels all over New England just to take pictures in different seasons.
Most of my photographs are closer to home, and I'm not really into photography
Wes in into photography as a retired school teacher

Below I feature Set 1 of his 2019 foliage pictures from Cabot, Vermont and from nearby his home in Ashland, New Hampshire

The autumn season in 2019 so far is about the best I can remember
The weather turned cool early giving us the start of a long and colorful foliage season
Unlike 2018 the snows probably won't commence in October 2019 except on the tops of our highest peaks
The entire summer and autumn had ample rain to provide green contrasts with the changing colors of hardwood trees










I've not checked the official records, but  hotel and restaurant owners near our cottage tell me
that foliage season is the busiest time of year in these mountains
Our color attracts visitors from all over the world
Some hotels are fully booked a year in advance

It's not just the wonderful colors of our foliage season
It's also the clean, cool, and crisp air of autumn in our mountains
When the there's glistening frost at dawn and warm sun at sunset (if you wear a sweater)
Of course in February the ice over the pond below will be thick enough to hold up an army tank


About the time the leaves begin to change color it's time to pick apples
from our millions of apple trees
There are many wonderful ways to serve up apples in the form of whole apples, cider, pie, baked apples, candied apples, and sweet apple crumble



Note rocks strewn all over are the trademarks of our landscapes
These are why New Hampshire is called the Granite State
Between the Green Mountain State of Vermont and the Pine Tree State of Maine



This is one of our finest hotels



Farming is not very prosperous in New Hampshire
But our long-time farmers make the best of it without having the latest in equipment


Our bridges are not exactly awe-inspiring like the Golden Gate Bridge
But our bridges do a better job keeping the rain and snow off our roadways



It's not exactly like the glockenspiel in Munich, Germany
But it keeps the time of day accurately enough for us




And we don't always know where our villages end and our farms begin
But we feel safe on our streets 24/7
And there are more lights in the heavens than can be seen over Boston or New York in the dark of night




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