Bob Jensen's Set 10-2018 Bears, Bluebirds, and Other Summertime Pictures
Bob Jensen at Trinity University

This is a mish-mash of photographs taken in the summer of 2018
The summer commenced with an enormous bear that kept tearing down our hummingbird feeders
Mostly he took them down at night but I did see him take down my south feeder
At the time I did not have a camera handy

At last I rigged my feeders on a rope and hung them out of the big bear's reach


 I did have a camera in early August when a yearling bear (about the size of a very large dog)  walked all alone down our driveway
Mother bears (sows) must eventually abandon their young sons or the big poppa bears will eat their sons
This is not so much for food as it is to eliminate breeding competition


A few years back I photographed a medium-sized bear (maybe three years old) taking down my hummingbird feeder


In August 2018 we had some heavy rains (at last)
If you look close you will see a faint double rainbow



It's been a great summer for my New Guinea Impatiens
This is the south-side pond garden






On the north side I have my rental houses that this year were inhabited by wrens and blue birds


I circled a male blue bird in red



This summer Erika thought it would be fun to watch strawberries grow in a planter
Growing them this way is not cheap
And in August a critter of the night ate most of our small harvest



Our hydrangea tree in the front lawn takes in June takes over two months just to get the start of blossoms
The full blossoms will not be out until the end of August




Meanwhile a small hydrangea bush in the back yard blooms much earlier


These are our wild roses in very early June just before they fully  bloom


These are those same roses after they are more in bloom



Below you can see a cloud hanging over Franconia Notch between Mt. Lincoln and Cannon Mountain



On another summer morning there were more clouds







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