Wes Lavin's Pictures of Golden Pond in the Wintertime
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 

I love the photographs of Wes Lavin

My friend Wes Lavin is a better photographer than me.
Firstly, he has better equipment than me.
Secondly he travels all over New England just to take pictures in different seasons.
Most of my photographs are closer to home, and I'm not really into photography
Wes in into photography as a retired school teacher

Below I feature his pictures of Squam Lake made famous by an Academy Award winning film.
Some of the buildings photographed by Wes this winter appeared in summertime of 1981 in the movie


On Golden Pond Wins 1981 Academy Awards for Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Screenplay ---

Squam Lake in New Hampshire ---

It drains via a short natural channel into Little Squam Lake, and then through a dam at the head of the short Squam River into the Pemigewasset at Ashland. Covering 6,791 acres (27.48 km2),[1] Squam is the second-largest lake located entirely in New Hampshire.

Squam Lake was originally called Keeseenunknipee, which meant "the goose lake in the highlands". The white settlers that followed shortened the name to "Casumpa", "Kusumpy" and/or "Kesumpe" around 1779. In the early 19th century, the lake was given another Abenaki name, Asquam, which means "water". Finally, in the early 20th century, Asquam was shortened to its present version, Squam.

The 1981 film On Golden Pond was filmed in the town of Center Harbor on Squam Lake.[2] There are two tour boat services on the lake, both based in Holderness. One is Experience Squam, a private charter, and the other is the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center. Both services show filming locations and items of natural significance.

Squam Lake is a nesting site for common loons and is a good place to see them in breeding plumage during the summer months. Bald eagles and great blue herons are also known to nest on the lake.







Ice fishing is popular in New Hampshire







Squam  lake is about an hour from our cottage in New Hampshire's Lakes Region
The Native American name of the lake was Keeseenunknipe, but it is now better known as Golden Pond
The 1981 Oscar-Winning film On Golden Pond was filmed in Center Harbor  on this lake
Here are some memory photographs

Humorous Video Clip of the Above Scene in the Movie ---


On Golden Pond (1981) --- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_Golden_Pond_%281981_film%29

On Golden Pond Trivia --- http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0082846/trivia
Also see http://www.funtrivia.com/en/movies/on-golden-pond-9432.html
Also see http://www.mytripjournal.com/travel-705977

Perhaps the most memorable scene in the movie (actually a very symbolic scene) is a back flip dive that Jane Fonda's character Chelsea performs for the first time. In real life, Jane had to take lessons to learn this dive. When I was on the faculty at the University of Maine our very good friends had a daughter, Shirley, who was a Bangor High School swimming star. Shirley later married her swimming coach at Bangor High.

For several days before filming On Golden Pond Jane Fonda and her daughter visited Shirley and Shirley's coach-husband in Bangor, Maine to learn how to do the backflip dive that was to be, near the end of the film, one of the most important scenes in the script. Purportedly Jane was an excellent mother and very good guest in their home. She learned the dive that was later performed at the Squam Lake filming.

This is the kind of movie in which loons and sunsets and trout and Jane Fonda's backflip are used as emblems of survival and longevity and marital bliss and familial reconciliation.



Center Harbor Where On Golden Pond Was Filmed

New Hampshire is called "The Granite State" for good reason
Put a shovel into the ground most anywhere, and it will hit a hard rock

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