Wes Lavin Shows Us How to Have Fun in Mountain Winters (Part 1) --
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 

I love the photographs of Wes Lavin

My friend Wes Lavin is a better photographer than me.
Firstly, he has better equipment than me.
Secondly he travels all over New England just to take pictures in different seasons.
Most of my photographs are closer to home, and I'm not really into photography
Wes in into photography as a retired school teacher

Below I feature Part 1 of his2020 Peacham, Vermont Winter Festival pictures
Peacham is a rural village with slightly over 700 residents ---
Farms come right up to the edge of the village





Like most northern New England villages, fire fighters are volunteers




















Other Photographs Sent to Me by Wes Lavin

Wes Lavin's Pictures

Wes Lavin's 2016 Autumn Foliage Part 1

Wes Lavin's Autumn Foliage Photographs:  Part 2

Wes Lavin's 2017 Autumn Foliage Part 1

Wes Lavin's Photographs From the 2016 Turbridge Country Fair--- 

Wes Lavin's Photographs From the 2018 Turbridge Country Fair--- 

Some of Wes Lavin's June 2016 Photographs ---

Wes Lavin's Panoramic Pictures of Bob Jensen's Flower Gardens in 2015

Wes Lavin's Winter Pictures (Set 01) ---

Wes Lavin's 2017 Summer Pictures Part 1

Wes Lavin's 2017 Summer Part 2 --- Sugar Hill Festival

Wes Lavin's Peacham, Vermont Foliage Pictures ---

Wes Lavin Loves to Photograph Fairs and Festivals in Northern New England (2018)

Wes Lavin's Misc. Festival Pictures ---

Wes Lavin's 2018 Maple Sugaring Pictures

Wes Lavin's 2018 Maple Sugaring Pictures

Wes Lavin's 2018 June Part 1 --- Featuring an Old Split Tree in Our Wildflower Field

Wes Lavin's 2018 June Part 2 --- Featuring Small Towns Fourth of July

Wes Lavin's 2019 Great Springtime Pictures of 2019 ---

Bob Jensen's Fox Puppies and Wes Lavin's 2019 Peacham Parade Pictures

Wes Lavin's 2019 New England Summer Festivals
http://cs.trinity.edu/rjensen/Tidbits/Lavin/2019Summer/2019 Festivals.htm 

Set 01 of Wes Lavin's 2019 Autumn Foliage ---

Set 02 of Wes Lavin's 2019 Autumn Foliage ---
http://cs.trinity.edu/rjensen/Tidbits/Lavin/2019Foliage/Set 02/Set02.htm

Wes Lavin Shows Us How to Have Fun in Mountain Winters (Part 1) ---



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