Part 1 of Wes Lavin's Pictures of Our Wild Flower Field in June 2020 ---
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 

I love the photographs of Wes Lavin

My friend Wes Lavin is a better photographer than me
Firstly, he has better equipment than me
Secondly he travels all over New England just to take pictures in different seasons.
Most of my photographs are closer to home, and I'm not really into photography
Wes in into photography as a retired school teacher

Every year Wes visits the Sugar Hill Lupine Festival in June
This year the Festival was cancelled due to the pandemic
However, Wes still came to Sugar Hill to capture some of the lupines
It was in fact a very good year for lupine --- partly because of all the moisture
Our current dry spell did not affect the spring flowers

This is a shot taken of Erika and me working in our small flower gardens beside the cottage
You have to look close because we're very small figures in the center of the picture
At our ages that's as close as we wanted Wes with a cameral pointed toward us



This is what we see from the front room of our cottage
Three mountain ranges in the White Mountains are visible
Presidential Range (30 miles), Twin Range (20 miles), Kinsman Range (10 miles)
Our wild roses comprise the front row of bushes
I will feature our wild roses in a later edition of Tidbits


This is the cherry tree in our south lawn
Only the birds love its bitter fruit


Below is part of our two-acre wild flower field
Our cottage is just beyond the dense wood grove
Sadly we can't see our wild flowers from our cottage
Especially note the aged maple tree that's now split down the middle


The road to the left leads to the oldest nine-hole golf course in New Hampshire
It's no longer the best course in the area, but it is the most scenic



We get gusts of wind up here
I love the cool breezes that we get most days in the summer


The old fence around our four acres is getting old like us
I put these signs at various points along our wild flower field





The building in the background is what I call my barn
In the late 1800s and early 1900s it was built as an electric power house
Our property was at one time a resort with a 340-bed hotel, casino, bowling alley, and golf course
The power house remains, but the other buildings were torn down in the 1970s


For my two tractors I added a garage to the aged powerhouse
The powerhouse was pretty dilapidated until I added a roof and siding
The windows are boarded up because of wayward golf balls
The power poles to the right are no longer used


The building behind my barn is the golf clubhouse in need of repairs


Near our cottage I also have a studio that used to be my working office
After Erika's heath went downhill I moved my office into the cottage
However, I still keep most of my books in the studio


This is a fake well on top of our buried propane tank



In the next edition of Tidbits I will show you Wes Lavin's pictures of lupines in nearby fields
Especially featured will be the fields belonging to the famous Polly's Pancake House


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Our address is 190 Sunset Hill Road, Sugar Hill, New Hampshire
Our cottage was known as the Brayton Cottage in the early 1900s
Sunset Hill is a ridge overlooking with New Hampshire's White Mountains to the East
and Vermont's Green Mountains to the West



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